“First massage ever and I couldn’t think of a more friendly and informative experience along with being rejuvenated by the hands of an angel and the tank of the gods.”

— Jeff E.

“Cloud 9 is a very mellow inviting spa with great staff! I encourage everyone to float! I feel like a weight has been lifted off me physically and mentally:)”

— AJ M.

“So awesome. And people are so informative and kind!!!”

— Debbie P

“From the knowledgeable and friendly receptionist to the expert massage therapist my deep tissue massage was an amazing experience. After the massage I dragged my husband to Cloud9 Float & Spa to book an appointment. If you are smart you will call or visit Cloud9 today for the best massage of your life.”

— T.O.

“Utterly relaxing experience. As an MD, I am intrigued by the vast untapped potential for floatation tanks, after reading the explorations of them by Michael Hutchison. The closest tank to our home is 100 miles away. Luckily, we discovered Cloud 9 before our trip to Naples, and were excited to book a session. The Cloud 9 float was a great intro to the world of floating, starting even before the float with their most excellent website, where great info about floating can be found. Scheduling was easy and efficient and the followup emails told us everything we needed to know to prepare. From the moment we stepped in the door, we found the environment very soothing and very conducive to a great float experience. It’s clear they understand the importance of the ambience to optimize the experience. The entire facility is clean, clean, and pristine throughout, and that of course is especially important in the tank room whose lay out and ambience is excellent. Our “guide” gave is good instruction and preparation for getting into the tank. The Samadhi tank is the classic, and is very spacious so you aren’t bumping into the sides once you get settled in. Straight up—it’s important to acknowledge that the experience in the tank-other than the providing of sensory restriction—- is completely “all on you” and what gestalt you bring into it. So my experience is completely irrelevant to anyone else’s, and has no bearing on Cloud 9. The tank did deliver the appropriate environment to achieve the very restricted sensory input. I advise closing the entry door completely as soon as you can get comfortable doing so, in order for the air and water temperatures to equilibrate (to skin temperature). I will say that I found the experience extremely relaxing and did briefly at times enjoy the sense of “body dissolving” so essential to achieving the deepest benefit. I am excited about further sessions and so appreciate Cloud 9 for providing such a great introduction to floating. Thank you, Cloud 9 for leading the way in providing an excellent flotation experience in the Naples area! We look forward to more floats as soon as we return to the Naples area.”

— Royce Robin, MD

“Floating in the tank after a busy day’s work
brings a great relief. Suddenly all of the
stimulation of holding one upright against
gravity disappears…the floatation tank
experience is a very refreshing one,
a resting one.”

— Dr John C Lilly